Weinviertel (Austria)

The Austrian "Weinviertel" (Wine Quarter) is located in the North-East of Lower Austria not far away of the Austrian capital Vienna. The name Weinviertel is linked to the very important relation between this area and one of the main industries, Viniculture, found here. The Weinviertel is the largest wine growing area in Austria and famous for the typical Austrian "Heurigen" where everybody, locals and tourists, sit together and enjoy an "Achterl" in a typical Austrian and very cozy atmosphere with traditional Heurigen Food. Besides other famous grape varieties, the most important grape varieties grown in "Weinviertel" are Grüner Veltliner, Zweigelt and a not so well-known grape called Welsch-Riesling. On 153 km in a network of pilgrims ways, the so-called Way of Saint James Weinviertel, one can visit many different local vineyards by foot. The "Wine Road Weinviertel" winds itself from the Heldenberg near Ziersdorf in the "Westerly Weinviertel" via the "Veltliner Land" to the "Southerly Weinviertel with Hagenbrunn and Bisamberg.

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