Tyrol (Austria)

The state of Tyrol is separated into two parts. The larger area is called “Nordtirol” (North Tyrol) and the smaller part is called “Osttirol” (East Tyrol). With the neighbouring Austrian states of Salzburg in the east and Vorarlberg in the west, Tyrol is bordering the Italian autonomous province of South Tyrol in the South. Before World War I, South Tyrol was as well a part of the Austrian- Hungarian Empire of the Habsburgs.

Also, Tyrol shares a border with Switzerland in the south and borders Bavaria in the north. The smaller part, East Tyrol, also shares its borders with the federal Austrian state of Carinthia in the east and Italy's Province Veneto to the south.
Tyrol’s highest mountain is the Großglockner (3797 Meters) which is part of the mountain rage “Hohe Tauern” at the border to Carinthia. Tyrol is famous for its alpine cuisine with various delicacies.

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