South Tyrol/Alto Adige (Italy)

South Tyrol, or Alto Adige in Italian, is an autonomous province in northern Italy with the capital city of Bolzano and the well know city of Merano. South Tyrol is located at the northernmost point of Italy.

The province is bordered by Austria (Tyrol and Salzburg) to the east and north, and Switzerland in the west. Other Italian provinces border South Tyrol to the southeast, south, and southwest.

Completely located in the Alps, the landscape is highly mountainous and alpine. Famous for the Dolomites and its highest peak the “Ortler” (3,905 m), South Tyrol is completely located in the Alps with an alpine and highly mountainous landscape. In between these high mountains are valleys located, which have the perfect climate to grow fruits and the famous South Tyrolian Wine. The valley area, with cold winters and warm summers, has the driest and sunniest climate in the province and is home to many famous vineyards and fruit producers.

The “Etschtal” (Val d'Adige in Italian) is the valley which stretches from Merano to Bolzano, and especially the area around the Lake Kaltern (Largo di Caltaro) and other villages along the South Tyrolian Wine-Street, are all famous for the wines which are cultivated here. The South Tyrolian Cuisine (e.g. Schlutzkrapfen or Tyrolyan Speck) is similar to its Austrian counterpart but has also some Mediterranean influences from Italy and uses a lot of its own famous wine: Lagrein, Riesling, or Pinot Blanc, to name only a few.

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