Allgäu (Germany)

The Allgäu is one of the most beautiful parts of Southern Germany where people love to spend their holidays enjoying an incredible "outdoor playground" with beautiful landscape, local tradition and customs, crisp clean air, and clear lakes and rivers. It stretches from the soft hills of the pre-alps to the more mountainous area with the higher peaks of the Allgäuer and Lechtaler Alps. 

Famous for the royal palaces of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau built for the Bavarian King Ludwig and his parents near the historic cities Füssen and Kempten, the Allgäu mainly belongs to Bavarian Swabia, but has also a part which belongs to neighbouring Baden-Würthenberg. Kempten is the oldest urban settlement in Germany founded by the Celts and later taken over by the Romans, who gave it its Roman name "Cambodunum". 

The Austrian mountainous States of Tyrolia and Vorarlberg are also bordering the Allgäu. The "Allgäuer Cheese Road"  with a length of approx. 220 km leads any Cheese Connoisseur through this wonderful alpine region famous for its century-old cheese recipes on his/her way from the Alps to the famous Lake Constance, nicknamed as the Swabian Sea. In the other direction, the German Alpine Road winds over 450 km from Lindau at the Lake Constance to Berchtesgaden at the Lake Königssee through the southern part of Bavaria passing also other parts of the Allgäu which are very well worth seeing.

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